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It makes managing the OR an easy task ! 

The Concept

Integrating the operating rooms and the hospitals

M.OR.E is a revolutionary medical-grade video integration appliance that enables routing of virtually any medical imaging source to the surgeon’s field of view and beyond. This unique solution provides matrix switching functionality within the OR, and HD video streaming to enable telemedicine applications beyond the OR. It addresses the needs of the surgical suite by delivering the functionality of a typical video rack in one medical grade appliance. The customizable and modular design allow you to only purchase the inputs and output you need, saving cost. Each of the display outputs scales and converts all signals to an HD digital format, dramatically simplifying the cabling requirements, making installation simple.

Main Unit

Nurse Work Station

●  one card one video signal matrix  system,w/16 ports which can  be customized for input or output mode;

●  11 High performance I/O interface available

●  Compatible with VGA, RGB, DVI, 3G-HDI, CVBS, HDBaseT, HDCI and HDMI from different video sources

●  PIP and PNP output interface, standard for double screen, optional for quad screen

●  Manual switch buttons w/ LCD screen display

●  Support seamless switching with zero latency in switching video

●  Automatic detection of video input/outputs

Central Control Panel

Control at your finger tip

OPT Control Panel, is the central device for providing all the necessary control signals, alarms and information required in an Operating Theater. OPT Control Panel allows the medical personnel to have only one, familiar source of information and provides easy access to technical personnel for inspecting and maintenance of several different subsystems, without disrupting the wall infection integrity.

OT Control Panels have to be designed and customized individually for every project by coordinating the physical interfaces with the customer.

Main features:

● Meets the electrical safety norms for high and low voltage systems

● Smooth easy cleaning of the surface

● Stainless Steel design, brushed grain or powder painted

● Front access doors for service and maintenance. 

● Flexible design, customized OPT control Panels also available

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