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For us, our products are so much more than equipment. It should also include our sales support, technical assistance, and after-sales service.  The three-folded services are our core values, and we are striving to attain the highest and a wold-class standard.  We strive to be your perfect partner, tailoring to your every need or preference.

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Aspiring to be the perfect partner

At Kenswick, we know that medical equipment need to be operational at all times for saving lives. That is why we aim to provide the most immediate and reliable service, minimising undesirable effects due to malfunctioning of your equipment.

To ensure that productivity of hospital is uninterrupted, the experience gained from the equipment we service will be accumulated into our maintenance system. This system will provide our engineers with the most updated information and help them to understand various requirements and provide the best solution to you.

Our professional engineers are all experienced. They will suggest the efficient solution to ensure your equipment functions well and at peak performance. And they are willing to share their knowledge to improve the quality, manage cost and productivity of your equipment.

Register your products

Registration has benfits

Please contact your local distributor or agent for registrating the products after the purchase and installation. It is esssential for us to keep the most updated information of the products installed and its applications.

Service and Support

Diagnose troubleshooting and service issues faster and more accurately

Recall notifications

Stay up to date for safety, system update and recall notifications


Manage warranty status and extensions more conveniently

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Our location at Gottmadingen

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