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ChromeVision series

Superior Clarity

Features and Benefits

ChromeVision monitors can restore medical image truly and accurately for use in surgical procedures and diagnosis. With high brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle the image display performance can be ensured during the surgery process, thus can provide liable support for doctors.

The true flat design gives the display high grade protective performance, makes it easy for disinfection  and cleaning. With various signal input and output interfaces, the display can satisfy the requirements of endoscope, operating room and ICU. The installation is easy to do, making the display be fully compatible with the operating room.

Backlight stabilization system
Wide viewing angle
Built-in mutliple display mode
Bonding screen technology
Professional protective glass
True color restoration



24", 27", 32", 42", 55"

HD or 4K HD

Monitor carrier, wall mounted or in-wall
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Our location at Gottmadingen

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